Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Say Cheese

Three dead bodies of Indian politicians turn up at the mortuary, all
with very big smiles on their faces. The medical examiner calls the
police to show them what has happened. A Detective Inspector is sent
and is taken to the first body.
"He was a BJP leader, 65 years of age, died of heart failure whilst
making love to his mistress. Hence the enormous smile, Inspector,"
says the medical examiner.
The Detective Inspector is taken to the second dead man.
"He was a minister from ruling Congress party, was 70, made a pile
from government funds, and spent it all on whiskey. Died of alcohol
poisoning, hence the smile."
"Nothing unusual here", thinks the Inspector, and asks to be shown the
last body.
"Ah," says the medical examiner. "This is the most unusual one. MP
from Bihar, 60, struck by lightning."
"Why is he smiling then?` inquires the Inspector.
To which the medical officer replies, "He thought he was having his
picture taken."



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